Enrichments at PS 185


chessThis photo is from the trophy case outside the Main Office – it shows team trophies won by PS 185 students in previous years.

After-School Chess

Registration for the after-school chess program can be done here:


Students enrolled in the after-school chess will be dismissed directly into the program on Mondays. After-school chess is 90 minutes; children are dismissed out the front door at 3:50.

Ballroom Dancing

Ballroom dancing is taught to help cultivate life skills in children through the art of social dance. The vision is to create schools where every child is connected, respected, and provided with a safe environment in which to thrive.

Ballroom dancing focuses on:

  • Enhancing their physical development
  • Building self-confidence and social skills
  • Encouraging independence
  • Developing creativity
  • Stimulating mental process

Ballroom dancing is a wonderful way to increase the children’s social graces as they become confident, elegant and well-mannered young ladies and gentlemen.

Intrepid CASA Program

This is a cultural after school program open to 4th grade students. Each week children experience hands on fun while decoding, doing science experiments and learning fun facts. We also visit the Intrepid Air and Space Museum. This program is funded by Councilman Gentile.

Young Runners

Young Runners uses a team-based structure to help kids learn valuable lessons about how to set goals and make activity part of their daily lives. With the help of their coaches, students learn to run distances from 1-4 miles. While physically challenging, the Young Runners program is designed for children of all fitness and athletic levels in grades 3-5.

5th Grade Science Labs at Kingsbourough Community College

Fifth grade students are introduced to meaningful science labs in Kingsborough College. They are actively engaged in inquiry-based learning, a key component in the NYC DOE science scope and sequence in stem teaching and learning.

Student Council

The Student Council is comprised of 1 student from each third, fourth and fifth grade class. They are elected by their classmates. School elections are then held and the class reps run for School Secretary (3rd grader), School Vice President (4th grader) and School President (5th grader). All of the students from those grades get to cast a vote after the election assembly. The council reps help throughout the year with a number of fundraising events and community food drives. They also dialogue with their peers, who may have suggestions on ways to make changes or improvements in the school. They meet with the principal to discuss these matters. The elected officers participate in the 5th grade graduation ceremony as well. The president is also responsible for starting the morning routine over the PA system throughout the year.


Assemblies and Events

The PTA at PS 185 sponsors a robust and varied program of enrichment assemblies, which are enjoyed by all students at PS 185. Here are some recent highlights:


Back to School Carnival

The PTA hosts a Back to School Carnival for all PS 185 children in September. This event is held during the school day so that all children have the opportunity to attend.

You can click through the pictures to see how much fun we have!

Gizmo Guys



Lunar New Year Acrobat

Brain Show

BMX Bike Show

Family Fun Nights

The PTA at PS 185 hosts monthly Friday evening events intended to foster school spirit and reinforce our warm feeling of community. Those Family Fun Nights include Movie Nights, Game Nights and special evening presentations including the Halloween Spooktacular LASER Show, The Brain Show, and a Sock Hop every February.

Sock Hop